Kitchen Skill Brought to You

Ironically, with the increased popularity of cooking shows on television has come a decline in the use of the home kitchen. Even, in the midst of the recession, many restaurants have enjoyed  fairly steady patronage. People like to eat well, even if they don’t have the skills or time to prepare quality meals at home.

Additional challenges come when planning a party or a special occasion. The need for the food to be tasty and pleasing to most palates adds considerable stress to the party planner. That is where a reliable caterer can step in.

McMinnville’s Chaplain’s Pantry Catering not only can provide the food for a memorable event, but there is a purpose behind their service that will intrigue you.

Chef Pete Rahier has been cooking since he was a kid. Raised in a large family, he enjoyed learning kitchen skills watching his mom. After ten years in the military, wondering what work he would find, his family convinced him to follow his heart and he enrolled in culinary school and went on to gain experience in a great cross section of restaurants around the country.polenta prep

Jeanne Rahier is the baking queen. Send her into the kitchen and she will create a sweet concoction that will entice your taste buds.   Her cakes and pies are time tested and won accolades over the years.  choc cakeb

Together, she and Pete have captured the market on comfort food.  This is real food. Food you enjoy. Food that makes you feel good.

Comfort food adds so much to an event. For a festivity, it produces a wonderful sense of completeness.  The joy of a wedding is enhanced by the luscious flavors. For a more somber event like a memorial, it calms the emotions with a sense of the known and the reliable, and can even lift spirits with the reminder that life is full and can be enjoyed.theology of wine

Pete and Jeanne prepare foods you know and love with tweaks of surprise. I visited them as they prepared for the Book Release party of The Theology of Wine by Mark C. Pederson, Lutheran Pastor at McMinnville’s  Cooperative Ministries. The party will be Saturday, October 26 from 6:30 to 8:00 at Remy Wines located at 905 NE 10th St. The party is open to the public and not only will you have a chance to hear about the book and taste some fantastic Remy wine, you will have a chance to fully savor some of the Chaplain’s Pantry Catering’s offerings.

And the story behind the catering service? Stayed tuned ; more to come.

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2 Responses to “Kitchen Skill Brought to You”

  1. Great article about Pete and Chaplain’s Pantry! It was so fun to meet you last night at the book launch party for The Theology of Wine! Mark C. Pederson

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