Individual Wine and Cheese Tray

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“Being at a party and only two hands; What a Great Idea!”

I bet you have been to a party where you were handed a glass of wine and then started to gather some yummies on a plate at the buffet. And then you looked for a place to sit down so you could enjoy the treats.  That is when you discovered your hosts’ aunts were enjoying the sofa or simply, seating was not provided.

How, oh how could you enjoy your wine and food? How could you, with both hands full, greet friends with a handshake or a hug?

To avoid spills, consider using one of our wine and cheese party trays available now?  Graham has designed this to be lightweight but strong, and well supported by one hand. The wine glass slips into its slot via an L-shaped groove that will eliminate accidental spills.

People can have their wine and eat easily.  Your guests can mingle easily, shaking hands or hugging, depending on the friendliness of your party. We know that folks get friendlier as the wine flows!

Do you entertain when you have more people than places to sit at a table?  These wine and cheese party platters would be an ideal answer. Made from hardwood and coated with food safe butcher block oil and easy to clean by hand washing, you do not need a plate.

How about as a holiday gift for someone you know who enjoys throwing parties? Perfect, easy to ship if out of the area.

Choice of stains or natural wood. $15 apiece or $75 a set of 6 trays with a free stand included. For bulk orders, we can give you a special price. We have made them for several area venues that hold regular gatherings as well as shipping holiday orders to friends in other states. Shipping not included but will give you an estimate when you order. We can now add a custom logo to advertise your business.

Contact us via our website:, email or text Graham at 304-634-1532.

Champagne cork trivet

•February 1, 2012 • 1 Comment
Anniversary trivet with names and wedding date

This makes a unique wedding or anniversary party gift.  As I tell brides -to-be, “He will never forget your anniversary if this is on the table every night.” Think about all those champagne bottles that get opened at weddings! Assuming they are real cork (not plastic!), we can incorporate those corks into the trivet to make them extra special.  I make all my own frames so you have a choice of woods as well as profiles to match the decor and/or style of the happy couple.  Allow two weeks from time of order.  Contact us at or through our website: